New Reality: A brave new uncanny world.

You spell L-U-X-U-R-Y incorrect.

Have you ever dreamt of driving that new Lambhorgini Murcielago concept, live in a grand mansion, step on every corner of the world, and shop until your wardrobe explode like Hiroshima?

Yep. I’ve been there.

It’s easy to daydream about it than to really materialize everything. But I didn’t say it’s impossible either. The truth is, everyone in this world, can be a Doctor, Lawyer, Chef, CEO, everything. You name it. If the ‘desire’ arises.

But HOW? You may ask. Well, you don’t rely on the how. You always ask the WHERE, WHEN & WHO in order to catch that chiming train full of hot ore.

In times of a double dipped recession; pink slips, unemployment and education cuts are stifling high. The adverse effects comes after 3-5 years of depriving the citizen of these “American Dream” opportunities. You may wonder why young & old men at the fence of your neighborhood main road loiter for? Those guys have families that needed to be supported to live better lives. And some, well, they have dents on their criminal records which usually is a red flag for finding employment.

The positive correlation of the crime and economic downturn is evidently high especially in the hard hit neighborhoods of the land of the free. In turn, the stress levels shoots up that it corrupt their minds to commit theft or any other misdemeanor to support themselves and their cubs.

Yesterday, after our last day of class, me and Cheyne went to Ethel’s house (usually) to chill. We watched (a recorded) reality program series like: Dancing with the Stars, Heavy, RuPaul’s Drag Race and the like. But one last program caught my eye. It’s called “Secret Millionaire”. Basically, the featured ‘Millionaire’ of the day would leave all of his stuff at home, that includes all his pocket money, phone, wallet, etc. And go live in a poverty-stricken neighborhood for a week. This person will be exposed to the filthiest, most dangerous place in america to “immerse” himself with this new profound reality. The first three (3) days will be spent to interacting and blend in with everyone (not telling his secret). And on the last two (2) days will be deliberately spent on thinking where to allocate his donation to each and everyone. At the last day, he wrote hefty checks to three (3) organizations that foster growth, education and empowerment.

While writing this blog post I was reminded myself of this meaningful quote:

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”

Sure, it does not make sense if we keep on donating and give money to the poor. But what do they have to survive day by day?


My cousin passively whined why these bums scatter all over the place, and when you give them food or money they will get choosy on what to be given to them. That is a rational statement to make, really. But c’mon, I don’t think that they really mean to act like that. MOST “houseless” people in San Francisco’s streets are addicted to drugs. Sadly, it is an ongoing trend that needs to be intervened ASAP.

Instead of whining about the bus reeking from their piss or dried stools, we needed a course of action as a citizen. I have a few things in mind:

*EMPOWER! In times of the Technological & Social Media bubble, this medium has grant many opportunities to spread awareness of poverty reduction in your network line. Start a Facebook Group, Twitter or any other medium sites that EMAIL alone cannot offer the exposure for.

*VOLUNTEER! Volunteer programs lack man-resources to power their activities to gradually improve and support our dear street residences. BTW, 100 volunteer hours is a good indication that you are a good citizen that employers would be looking for!

*EDUCATE! If you have a small student or community organization, or even set of friends. Try to educate and coax them about this pertinent opportunity to bond with them and educate people at the same time about poverty and it’s reduction.

Thankfully the economy is on the upswing now. Philanthropic Foundations are opening its doors again to provide education, awareness and aid to push back poverty into history.

Perhaps, when you finally arrive at the summit of your dreams, don’t forget to look back and help others before you, to climb upward, and never let them fall backwards ever again.

We cannot always aid every adversity, but at least LET US ASPIRE for a more progressive future for ourselves and the next generations to come. Science-speed!


Look into my lens and see what I’ve been talking about:

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Aedificium Bibliotheca ; Pillars of Knowledge – 19/365

Newly released paperbacks @ Portola SF Public Library (@ 5:50PM)


The modern world belongs to the half-educated, a rather difficult class, because they do not realize how little they know. ~William R. Inge

Yesterday, I visited the local library for the first time. The last time I’ve read one of their books were.. 48 eras ago. Don’t compare me to those book-worm where you see on the bus voraciously scanning their Jessica Zafra pocketbooks or novels. Although, I love saturating this ‘coconut’ with variety of facts, I still prefer scientific contents over anything else under those shelves.

Home is the only sanctuary to immerse myself with non-trivial and urgent content (for the future). For two years, almost everyday, I go home with a book in hand, either from the School’s library or the Bookstore itself. Sometimes, I read them, mostly I don’t. Perhaps I am too lazy to seep through copious information (really tiring these days). For the record, I could read almost 300 pages in a day; omitting lunch and dinner by locking myself inside the quarter. When excited, I can read up to four books per week, depending on how interested I am in reading them. Twilight Series went by like a breeze, I loved every chapter of it! Although, critiques have discredited it as “mediocre literature.”

Schools and Books under the umbrella of Education promotes scholastic virtues ranging from critical thinking, rationality, argumentation, active reasoning et al. Education, as a common artillery for bias, is also proven to keep a human mind in tiptop shape, active and running as opposed to being sedentary. Have you also noticed that the more you spend sitting watching television or other media outlets, the more you are to either gain a pound (from inertia) or lose (media influence). See a 1995 study mapped below and try to compare it to the flaccid reality today.

According to the AC Nielsen Co. Survey, kids these days spend their time watching TV an average of 1,500 hours/Year vs. School 900 hours/Yr. It’s not that children are naturally susceptible to commercialism, parent’s aren’t just too provisional to discipline their children. The study also suggest that watching for an excess of 3 hours per day makes it a “substance abuse” stated from the official psychiatric manual. The average child will be watching at least 8,000 murders on their screens (before Elementary), and the average American will be watching 200,000 acts of violence on the Tube;  which are 40,000 are murder scenes. Due to the sedentary state of these children, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey were conducted and released (October ’95) found that 4.7 Million children ages 6-17 (11% of the age group) were severely overweight — twice the number from last four decades. The same group (watches an average of 22 hours/week), plus gorges on high-calorie diets. Although, children we’re the target of the study, they also dug up data for the adults. One-third of Americans are obese; they are more likely to get obese when they watch TV more than an hour. And sometimes, it is not about obesity. Anorexia and bulimia surfaces too when they face their screens for more than an hour each day. Try IMAGINING today’s obesity rate and media consumption by kids.

The study above demonstrates how much children opt-out on getting the most out of their education. Parents allow them to lazy their bums on the couches and eat popcorn or pop tarts. At home, two of my little sisters (both in Elementary) consumes an average of 4 hours on weekdays, and a staggering 12 hours on the weekends. Thankfully, my parents have familiarized them with a “TV-Free” Homework policy before drowning themselves on Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney series). Youtube, is the new haven for satiating our thirst for new information media.

Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail.  What you gain at one end you lose at the other.  It’s like feeding a dog on his own tail.  It won’t fatten the dog. ~Mark Twain


Bill Gates may have dropped out from Harvard, but I am sure that he has prior knowledge and ideas molded into his own intangible substance from the BOOKS he read at home. Educate to liberate yourself and the people around you for a better understanding world of tomorrow!

Watch the legacy of the greatest House of Knowledge that have been burnt down twice and still as resilient and modern as ever.



(1): AC Nielsen Co. Survey; How much does the average American spends watching TV.

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Three-headed Socialite; Blogging content diaspora – 18/365

The meme is such an understatement to what we do.. Really.

After a 6 month hiatus from blogging, I have never felt so confident writing so succinctly and effortlessly without much concern about criticisms from my fellow bloggers. English is my 2nd language indeed and still learning — forever learning that is. Subject to stopping means failure in my books. If writing is my calling, then so be it. But, Science has caught my eye for the longest. IDK if I’m just after the fame from weblogging or passion has propelled me to reach new heights of addiction. But one thing is for sure, I love to write, magsulat, escriba!

Why people do what they do? Why do writers write? Why bloggers blog? This is such a redundant question my peers always affront me. Why am I always glued to my laptop or my IOS device? What do you get from writing, tweeting excessively? Why I FANCY what I do. And the list goes beyond infinity.

So, why bloggers write? You won’t get an intelligent answer from this kind of question. Seriously, we just don’t write what comes to mind. Blogging consists of checking the facts, analyzing new information, build a concise yet informational content from the information gathered, and THINK, really think outside of the box. It also open doors to getting to know yourself better along the way; in such ‘enlightenment’ one finds personal catharsis. IT FEELS GOOD.

All about Tweeting — founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006, sent the first tweet on the 21st of March 2006. Little did we know that this overlooked medium soon promised to be a Social Networking titan. Rivaling Facebook, MySpace and YouTube side by side, this underdog proved to be a hidden gem for most bloggers to share new content and scavenge for new information via links shared across the web. Powerful as it may seem, I would like to harness its full potential by Summer 2011 — when I migrate this blog to my domain name (which will cost me a $80 the most). Investing my time creating a 3rd Twitter account (now surpassed my primary account with a 400% followers influx for the last 40 Days), seem to be in alignment with my goals. Soon enough, I will have 20K followers on that account and will be spearheading promotion of blogs (particularly my blog) on the 3rd Quarter of this year. My friends noticed that when I’m with them, I never talk to them when it’s time to tweet the latest technological bonanza; iPhone is literally glued on my hand. Twitter is such an oasis for new educational content. Most of the information I get is through the web, 30% from my phone alone.

Picturesque 365 (Category) Launched this WordPress blog on the midst of me spiraling down. I’ve never been so satisfied until then, writing has enabled me to delve deeper more about myself as an individual, convincing myself not to get insane from this already complicated world. Therapeutically, blogging everyday seems like a great way to de-stress my mind from further stress and worrying (too much). One of my goals is to go out everyday and explore the city, and take note of the cities’ natural beauty and attraction. Oh, I like to take pictures a LOT too. Too bad WordPress has a premium price for every Gigabyte upgrade.

The PokeBook — Although, I haven’t really been loitering on someone’s Facebook wall and intending to rape it, Facebook acts as a Community feedback for Bloggers. When you write your blog, you’re entitled to either privatizing it or publicize via Social Media; wise utilization of these traffic mediums generate loyal traffic. I’ve started telling my friends on Twitter about my blog and, been posting it on FB automatically; getting some positive/negative feedbacks help! So, please do so. Also, commenting my blog would help generate more traffic! SO DO IT!!! Friends, colleagues and Family will be your loyal audience. Soon, humbly ask them to spread your link across the stellar FB newsfeed.

What is Air on Tumblr? — Microblogging platforms like Tumblr also add traffic to your website. But today, young people are flocking the site each day. Making it obsolete to market a serious flagship to the medium. I still love my TumblrGear client on the IOS; great for quickblogs, likes and content surfing. At this point, I have almost 2K followers on Tumblr — but I might not use it for serious blogging.

Embracing VideoPress (WordPress) I’ve taken into account the possibility of me doing a Videoblog of my own. DANG IT! I look hideous this point in time. IM FAT TROLOL. But anyway, I MIGHT do it in the near future when I have the $$$ to finance it. The VP upgrade is only $10+/yearly, plus 15Gigabytes upgrade – $50. Not bad. Investing won’t hurt either if I’m taking blogging on a serious tier of consideration.

There, tidbits of information and 10% of the blueprint towards my WORLD DOMINATION endeavors.

One of my goals would be featured on WordPress‘ Freshly Pressed! If I did make the cut, I would definitely suffer an orgasmic stroke.

Yesterday, I was rummaging through Freshly Pressed’s history and I found this one article that compliments this Picturesque 365 post.

Visit her here: The Challenge of a Daily Post by Katie.

Thank You! I shall sleep now. Gosh, blogging deprived me of my sleep. Damn Jessica Zafra and her ebullient yet witty books.

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Beyond the surface of Scientific Inquiry – 17/365

My appetite for flooding scientific enlightenment finally reached its tipping point last night in one of our past-midnight escapades at Denny’s (super foggy Serramonte Daly City, CA). Believe me, I think I just had a 2nd Meningitis outbreak scenario — my brain swells up and blew inside the establishment. It’s difficult to discern this complex world around us; start with our Universe, in another Universe that’s in another Universe. Mindf*cked already? Told you so. So, we flew from topic to topic — Technological advancement, social pressure, corruption, Philippines, personal brouhahas, just to name a few. Time passed by so fast when you are enjoying with friends. But this one topic dominated my consciousness all day that I had to WRITE about it.


Denny's 24/7

Had a delishhhh burger something-something as my favorite artery blocker. How fun! It was worth the gorging. Tilapias, Mashed potato, curly fries, stuffed burger and a gorgeous steak on a sizzling skillet. Our morning celestially started right away. By the way, muchos gracias Cheyne for driving us around and voluptuous Meagan for treating us! 😀

Natural curiosity: Scientific Inquiry

I can’t help but to delve more on one of the hottest topics from last night. One of the few that was more intriguing were centered about why HUMANS, curious as we all normally are, always seek for more answer than just leaving things as they are. Yet again, had my hysteria episode in my mind where I hurled a mammoth of mexican dishes at myself while debating against my alter-ego Mariah Diva Carey. Anyway, I have concluded (mentally) that perhaps, people look for answers because they wanted to learn more about the “natural” world that they are inhabiting. Many of you already know this for sure, albeit of the state-of-the-art social media technology to deliver information across the web, NOW is still SLOW. Why is that? Technology have boomed; iPhones, iPads, Social Networks, et alii. Humanity is ever feeding on terabytes worth of information per second and still hungry for more. We are sharks for data, that is why technological developers and innovators cannot keep up with our demands. Every time there is a faster, better technology, when we get used to it, our brain always out-pace the product when we adapt; therefore, the manufacturing Total Quality Management (TQM) processes needs to constantly upgrade to keep up with competition, consumerism which gave birth to globalization. Our knack for everything-shiny has steered the world into competitiveness as well as physical stagnancy.

"The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, intended to collide opposing particle beams of either protons at an energy of 7 TeV (1.12 microjoules) per particle, or lead nuclei at an energy of 574 TeV (92.0 microjoules) per nucleus."

Technological advancement made the world bind together. It made the skies and Earth kiss each other. Communication has never been easier. A century earlier, one had to walk miles to give a message to someone. Now, it only requires to tap on your touchscreen handsets to send a message. One tweet to unite or enflame someone. Riding the bus made it easier to travel, or car, whatever floats your boat (from Meagan lol). But in reality, we are getting weaker, flabbier, and lazier. In early times, people walk an average of hundred miles to travel, hunt and survive. Sabered-toothed tigers were the predator of the time, our ancestors were too active and keen for their survival. They were in a constant state of survival mode. Compare that this day, we are afraid to go out in the sun because we’ll get dark. Or worse (this time), we’re afraid to reek from our bodily odor. How lame really.

Jesus of the Nazareth; Theological mythicism

Science has endured with humanity as well as the challenges posed to extrapolate or stifle discoveries. Through education, people across the globe learn how the world work. From Heliocentrism to Evolution. Knowledge is truly powerful in terms of what, which, who to control. Greedy minds has cultivated this power; forbade women to vote and go to school (until now somewhere in the Mid East). The Roman Catholic Church seem to fall into the cracks of Mythology when Charles Darwin shone the light to Evolution. Threatening once again their grip onto the World’s power by using Religion to deceive mankind. 20th Century‘s blind faith went to ash against Rationalism. Scientific inquiry soon proved to be the core of Science along with the Scientific Method and its etiquette.

Scientific Theory; the long-standing Titan.

On the dawn of the 21st Century, Science on its infancy, developed multi-faculty series that marked a change of the world on how view things; things rational. Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Social and Behavorial Sciences and Formal Sciences later emerged, soon enough its sub-faculty followed. It quickly eclipsed the unchallenged traditional practices we had. A common mononucleococcus strain (or common cold) last 100 years, could sweep a whole village. Now, you only need to take a cough medicine to quickly eradicate this soft pathology. Stem Cell research, as controversial as it is, are gaining more popularity across the globe when it demonstrated its ability to grow whatever form of organs we desire. Robust cures for HIV, STD and AIDS are still in the works but promises a new hope for the positives. AIDS may be the thing of the past if ever Stem Cell + Antiretroviral drugs worked its promised wonder.

Industrialized cities in which Science lay as its bedrock.

Science as we all know, first lit the whole world from the first light bulb. We have begun soaring the heavens via aviation technology, traveled by water on each passable continents and has annihilated distances through quick transportable means like cars, trains, bus, etc. Also, communication signals, social networking, social media and so much more. Today, Science is very powerful, the gods-of-the-gaps concept is slowly being filled with critical thinking and rationale. Forever progressing through our powerfully innovating minds.

The power of theory: Darwin's Evolution


The Scientific Method has fought with the fast-emergence of pseudo-science. For instance, Law of Attraction, Law of whatever, et al. It failed to pass the gates of rationality and lethal critical thinking. Still, people with gullible minds appear to be somewhat entertained by the lack of evidence which it present. Although, we cannot blame them, the mind is not perfect. Easily tricked, but once honed by Science, it will be forever develop cynicism and skepticism; the ultimate defense and offense of the Brights.

The way I see it . . .

So, why, may I ask. Why is it so important to air scientific inquiry here and there? Is it even our concern to question such natural complexity? Is it even under our jurisdiction?

The answer is a cold Yes. As a responsible scientific citizen of this world. It is irrevocably unjust to abandon Science. To abandon Science is to abandon humanity.

I woke up so late earlier, and came to realize that WE ARE SCIENCE in itself.

Food for thought indeed.

Science is far more a way of thinking than it is a body of knowledge.” — Carl Sagan


Below are some powerful and moving snapshots that glorify the Scientific eminence.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Smiling soul in a post-modern fragile world – 16/365


People do not see how valuable life may be until they are being presented with a grand adversity. They scramble on their feet for help and salvation; but with little or no help. We should begin to be more aware of our surroundings and safeguard everything before it is too late. You might be thinking, “Oh, this is just another blog post.” Well, it is actually, but I am trying to impress upon you a life lesson as a keepsake for you to pass on to your loved ones, friends, family, et alii.


Hospital: a modern world’s only salvation

Five days ago, my mom had to be rushed to the General Hospital’s E.R. for her back pain. She accidentally pulled her muscles visceral to her spine. I remember she told me that she was having a hard time getting up on the chair alone. But still, she insisted going to the hospital. The E.R. staff sleepily told her to go directly to the Urgent Care to be treated asap, so a five-minute walk won’t hurt, I said to myself. We then, arrived to the U.C. but the line is historical, I recalled 20 people ahead of us, anyhow, it’s worth the wait. In America, the healthcare system is getting complicated, you have to wait for almost 6 hours for a doctor to get to you. Meanwhile, back when I was in the Philippines, If you’re affluent, the Doctor will see you pretty much instantaneously from your arrival. Basically, If you get a big bite from a dog, you will have to wait unless you are almost DYING. Pathetic, shaking my head in disbelief.


Urgent Care Bldg.

Disgusted as I was, we kept on waiting for the staff nurse to call my mom’s number. They have an automated number machine that chimes to notify who’s patient’s number is next. At first, the process was swift, the machine chimed with my mom’s number on her hand and she went to see the resident nurse. After she came back, we had to wait 2 full movies (Harry Potter I and Superman Returns) after being called-in again by the doctor. Lunch has to be skipped since we cannot eat inside the facility. So I waited… and waited.. and waited.. until my mom got out. Still wincing in pain, she told me to call my uncle so he can pick us up back home.

Outpatient registry...

Last stop was at the Outpatient registration to get my mom’s prescribed Ibuprofen. All was good, great staff working altogether, although, I get disgustedly impatient by their snail-like services. What happened to the Great Americas? Eversince the superpower nation double-dipped into recession, they had to fire hundreds of thousands of health workers. Now, where do they get their money and spend it, to make the economy up and running again? SMH.

On the other hand, my mom told me what the doctor told her… It was really blood-boiling at that point. The physician coldly told her that it is only a back pain due to a muscle being pulled. But can only prescribe a pain-reliever since she is not her doctor. Accountability claims will ensue if she try to treat her without any consent from her own’s physician. I guess this rule is dumb, what if my mom is actually suffering from a fatal back injury? Does she have to wait for an appointment, which is almost a month to wait for an appointment, that is a slow and dumb policy. Forgot to mention that she also has a pancreatitis; an inflammation or infection of the pancreas which regulates glucose intake and various digestive work. I needed a dose of something to calm me down after this.

Across the waiting area..

After 15 minutes we were on our way home. It was January 13th (Thursday), a foggy ridden city cloaked the city skyline and rural hills. Take note, we left the house at exactly 9:55am, then back home at 3:45pm. That was almost 6 hours of agonizingly waiting for nothing but prescription drugs. At least, it’s free, that calmed my nerves a bit.

I get a tad worried about my mom’s health lately. She has been weakened by her ailment, looks depressed to me. But she loved the way that she’s losing her waist inches. Crazy world right? Tell me about it.

In life, there are only certain things that you must promise yourself to take care of.

1. Your FAMILY.

2. Your close FRIENDS.

3. Lastly, YOURSELF.

Although, you also need to wipe your own face before helping the others. Only time can tell whether they’ll be staying in this world for long or not. Keep that in mind.

"Seize the Day, putting as little trust as possible in the future.'

Carpe Diem, Quam Minimum Credula Postero.

CARPE DIEM, QUAM MINIMUN CREDULA POSTERO.” — Seize the day, and putting as little trust in tomorrow!

Smile as if your bruised heart happily beats a burning passion

Have fun like there is no end to the night

My life quote. Basically, it pertains to the LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST mindset. On this post-modernized culture, people tend to forget that life is an everyday gradual process. A Healing knee wound, growing mongo seed, blooming gumamelas, rising and the sunset of the sun, everything. Technology boom of the 21st Century enabled us to deeply connect with each other but in a much quicker portal. Everything got fast-paced; and resulted in being burnt-out, fatigued, etc. Ancient technologies which upgraded for the last century; Snail mail = Email, Personal Messenger = Texting, Trains = Planes, Stove cooking = Microwave, just to name a few. The world is revolving faster around us, humans rely too much in technological advances and neglected nature altogether.

Then, this question floated: “What if one day, we all wake up without technology?”

Depressing indeed. Perhaps, we need to put everything in perspective. Change a bad habit of ours like texting too much, Facebook, Twitter, Facetime, XBox, etc. Nature is us. And we are nature in itself. We must go back to mother earth and nurture her and ourselves to simplicity and normality. That if we are willing to CHANGE. Sure, it change does not come at night. Put in control in ourselves first, lest we have full control of the power inside us already.

See through the walls of our differences and embrace it

Do not be afraid to express oneself

We are fragile beings, we do not know whether we live in a universe where it expands to infinity and pops afterwards or a universe which floats into another universe and another universe. This life is a maze itself where you need to focus solely on yourself; I am not talking narcissism, but of personal development. I may not know everything about life, but I know one thing. We can create. Why not create positivity in life? Infect others to sneeze the same pathogen strains of happiness and great vibes.

It says it all..

I began doubting and caring myself in one of my depressive dips. Questioning your life and yourself won’t help either. Being stuck in a rut like that aids someone to more downward spiral. We can seek help from friends, family or even a paid professional, but we can really only help ourselves in the end. BEGIN STARTS WITHIN. Rub a positive movement to enflame a spark.

Rise up to the great challenges of the world

Infect others to crack a smile often

Last year, back in the college where I worked as a student peer counselor, students seek and call for personal help. Some of which were to be forwarded to a counselor for personal counseling, but most of the times I answer them myself. Usually, they ask me, what is life? Well, I repeatedly ask myself inside my head, “What is life anyway?” Unfortunately, I do not know myself either. So, I go on explaining that maybe school burnt you out or something..? Students seem to evade these natural questions about reality. Maybe there are underlying problems that I cannot further dig up. Somewhat, my intention to help gets futile because of my uncertainty asking myself directly of it.

Infect your loved ones with just a smile

Show how young your love is to the world

If these circumstances arise try to give yourself a break. Try to meditate, sip an Oolong tea, do Yoga, run on the beach, smile often, laugh with people; just do not take life as serious as it is now. Mix hues to create different set of hues to your palette. Draw smile on someone face. Begin making a difference by changing yourself for the better. Smile to everything. Inspire to all. Last but not the least, cherish every time you have left in this world.

Shower yourself with friends that truly cares

Steer the world to the great waves of unity


Smile. Inspire. Embrace.

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2011 fireworks’ resolution in the sand of time – 15/365

2010 has passed, what achievements have I done?

What kind of footprints have I left behind?

“A new years resolution huh…hmmmm.” I have contemplated all day long on the 25th of December. Waking up to the fresh winter fog dews, it felt great that I did not die, nor hurt anyone (physically that is), or completely murdered someone because they’re so full of themselves. But anyway, life is good still. I live in the most wonderful city of the world; San Francisco. And my family, well, my family is pretty much on the rocks since 2009 — so no fresh news about that.

Highschool was such a rush for me. Didn’t get to enjoy minutes of it. I know, I know, prioritize homework and everything arithmetical. The Touch of Class Choir (like GLEE; OH YEAH!) dominantly ate my time back in Highschool; rehearsals at Lunch, Free times, and after-school. What did I earn? Pretty much exposure, discipline, musical awareness and more. Introversion kept me from talking to people my age, what’s the point? They’re complete assholes anyway. LOL. But nah, I’ve enjoyed being the captain ball for once in Volleyball, the choir, and studying. What I missed the most are these beautiful women (including Vanessa, who took the pic). They are the best I have ever hanged with. Right now, I still hang with them, but not that much anymore. They have their own college stuff and BOYS for a couple of them, so I guess that splits the time of us getting together. Missed you guys!

We so fine !

Me and Eduardo posing for the cam @ City College International Students Counseling Dept.

Taking a long hiatus for my academia at City College of San Francisco where I worked there for two years as a student Peer Advisor, I missed everyone since. The Polynesian Club, where I have neglected of my secretarial duties, Volleyball Men’s Club, which is one of my ideas (and actually contributed to its establishment) but the coach crushed it for his own. And lastly, my International Students’ Counseling Department colleagues and friends whom I cherished the most. Do not take college for granted because that is the seed of your future garden, where you plant more of your seeds for MORE success and growth. I’ve learned in College that FREE TIME, isn’t actually really free time, since college students are given the hardest of task and responsibilities to be fulfilled timely excellence; I do not condone mediocrity at all though. Students who seek advice always fail to see that, and apathetically bask on technological amusement instead of facing the books. There are only two options in college; either drop out and fail, or exceed expectations and transfer to a higher institution. My current GPA drops at 3.4, not bad for a stolidly tardy like me. Year 2011, made me think to choose the succeeding path and not to settle for less.


Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem that is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance learn so easily; and why older persons, especially if vain or important, cannot learn at all. — Thomas Szasz, 1973

Given the circumstances, I am rewiring my brain to forego pseudo-optimism — will think about positivity when times get rough. Usually, I curl up to my bed and just ignore every problems thrown at me. That is not the me I pictured maturing. Needless to say, someone needs to step-up their effort, and that is the ‘stubborn’, ‘hardheaded’ me.

Persist. Insist. Resist. WIN.

You're trimming down dreams being washed away..

New Years resolution ONLY applies to the wealthy; if they wanted to make their ethnicity TAN; then so be it — gnawing your local court districts’ socks off won’t that, unless you have the gold teeth. We, however, wishes to be better, do better and have better; these are the BETTER intangibles. Betterment is the brother of PROGRESS indeed, but you cannot just say ‘I wanted to be sexier this year.’ Sure, people will write the same on their Facebook statuses, but it is always talk, talk, talk and more talk every year. People will start to realize that it has become an accustomed cliché’ that needed to be surgically removed (in their brains). Then, there comes the CRASH after February, where all FAILED NY’s resolutions get trashed. If you want to be better this year; DO IT! Don’t just say it or tweet because Twitter cannot hire Jill Michaels to trim your excess body fats & fluids. YOU NEED TO COOPERATE WITH YOURSELF. And actually do it. If you’re going to do it, get a LIST or something as a goal reminder EVERYDAY & BREAK. IT. DOWN. Do it regularly, and don’t expect to see results overnight because it WON’T HAPPEN. Thank You very much.


Too far-fetched New Year's Resolution

On the figure above, is one perfect example of an IMPOSSIBLY POSSIBLE New Year’s Resolution for 2011 or any other years. End of the world in 2012 will expunge your excess adipose tissue, remember BREAK IT ALL DOWN. Number 2 & 3 is tied into one goal; be rich in 10 months. Are you kidding me? Even the U.S. is cashed strapped and you are beginning to hallucinate. Number 4 is mildly dumb, just DO IT. 5 is really DUMB, I have known a lot of people who tried to be a vegetarian for a day, and believe me you will not LOVE the green if it’s not for YOU! I’m here to stand corrected when you succeed in doing so. Buy an iPad on 6 — it doesn’t even belong here! This is a New Year’s resolution NOT a WISHLIST! Number 7 wrapped the most IMPOSSIBLY POSSIBLE New Year’s resolution to just trust in the future. Are you even f*ck*ng thinking. Seriously, “BAHALA NA” or leave it to God won’t do anything. You need to help your frontal lobe to develop a plan that will actually WORK for you. Or else, it’s going to be the same thing over and over and over. Kkthxbaii.

I have written goals all over my pin board in the Sala’s where I could see everything that needed to be done and actually be EXECUTED efficiently and reflect on it by December.

Here are just a few:

1. Lose 30lbs by December -Now, where the hell did this come from!? I know I can do it, it’s just, I’m lazy. Admitting my weakness is very uncomfortable, but I need to deal with my adipose monster once and for all this YEARRRR!

BREAK IT DOWN: Lose 5lbs every month. By the 6th month, 30lbs of baby water excess will dry itself up. Running, Biking, House chores, dish washing, lifting weights. There, do it consistently, Google a plan that will work for you. BTW, running and lifting weights actually cuts the time short to the goal. Running burns the fat while the muscles developing eats the fat while you sleep. Do not ever forget a balanced-diet meal everyday. Refer to google b*tches.

2. Get a job & help la familia – Tricky part of the season. Jobless claims are beginning to fall, I should be seeing a local fish store hiring. LOL.

B.I.D.: Actually do search for one. People fail to get a job because they are scared of it. This is a brave new world people, man up! If you ain’t straight, GAY UP! Same thing. GO LOOK FOR ONE, AND DON’T COME HOME TO MOMMA AFTER YOU’VE GOT ONE.

3. Get $$$ not Bitches – THIS. Personally, I needed to at least save up $10-$15 for my educational endeavors planned for the May of 2010 (in the Philippines)

B.I.D.: This comes naturally but not free-flow when you get a job. So, trust in your parents to consolidate financial worries for you. DON’T TRY to fix your savings, we all know that you will have the urge to spend it. Try saving to save $1K per month, then increase it +$50 every month for 10 months (give it to mom). You’d definitely hit your goal in less time.

4. Naturalization => Citizenship – Yep. You read that right. I’m still a FOB. I’ll invite the whole Barangay (Village) when I conquered United States of America. And that means I would uphold Jessica Zafra’s “RULE THE WORLD” ideavalues.

B.I.D.: This is easy. Study the citizenship test. I’m sure the Dept. of Homeland Security of whatever in your country provides the test for Citizenship — go take it. In the U.S. you can download an MP3 to listen to your iPod when you are driving or having a brief stroll a the park. Don’t just memorize it, absorb it to the heart — it’s much more easier to retrieve a heartily studied material.

There, as promised, few of my recycled New Years resolution crammed in 2011.

Here’s a clip of 2011 New Year’s celebration in San Francisco; Embarcadero Area (Pier 14 to be exact). ENJOY!!!



Happy New Year's! 2011.

Timed: 02Hrs : 17Mins

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Twitter’s Top 40 “Get-To-Knows” List c/o 2010

My 100 days of Tweeting addiction got me all riled up. It was very fun though!!! 😛

They were all mentioned on my TimeLine, but I never had any chance to talk to them that much. Some, never chirped to me. But it’s all good. No hard feelings, but I’m here to stay and actually had a courage to list them (not all).

Listing my Top 40’s: “I wanted to get to know YOU more” on Twitter list. Without much further ado, here it goes: In no particular order…. (as they always say — to avoid favoritism and such) Courtesy of @Bossbadongski

(Tip: To avoid confusion about the STATS; it goes as Tweets/Followers/Following/Listed)

40.  @Linktolink – Cebu native (PHL) [Stats: 15K/390/460/34]

Only had a few chance to talk to this guy. Based from the stats above 15K tweets from a Cebu native isn’t bad at all. I should curate a Top 40 Twitter Addicts LIST based from the number of their tweets. Throws a few quotes here and there, and oh my, very garrulous indeed. We should tweet more lol. Talks fluent Cebuano/Bisaya, Tagalog and English — just like me. Hmm, I think that should be it.

39. @itsmejohann – Davao native (PHL) [Stats: 7K/321/295/13]

This guys is off-the-chart HILARIOUS! He is very giddy (on his tweets), really matches my first impression of the guy. Self-acclaimed “COLBOY” on my timeline proved that he can’t just entertain, he can write too! He writes A LOT. Every 5 hours as a mattter of fact! I don’t have the energy to write multiple blogs in one sitting. Coffee would be my ally for that feat. Yet again, I cannot judge someone by his tweets alone. And so, I probed. He is a nursing graduate, blogger… very articulate, uhhh what else? IDK. One way to find out, talk more with him. Guess that would be it for this guy.

BTW, his blog, CHECK IT OUT!

38. @karma1101Makati City native (PHL) [Stats: 8K/276/308/6]

Judging from her succintly captured photos, I think this gal possesses a very rare kind of passion. Taken from her Tumblr Bio: “Buying a Nikon doesn’t make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner.” — she exemplifies wit and tactfulness. Although, as I said earlier, I cannot judge a person by a tweet, so much for a Tumblr post. Only tweeted her last week, she is indeed intelligent in way that you won’t get bored easily! And oh! A trivia: her mom and Katrina Halili are related! Hmmm, what else about this petty gal.. She is fond of tattoos and piercing, she have both, and where? That I don’t know. We should talk more! P.S. You should try importing your blog to WordPress or Blogspot, your posts deserve those.

Tumblr Blog:

37. @VanTwilightLee Antipolo native (PHL) [Stats: 2.5K/587/371/22]

He’s an English major from the hills! lol. Just met him less than a week ago, and I can’t really think of anything to say about the background. But, on his twitter (using Web) you’ll see a picture of him — reminded me of Hawai’i! I miss hawai’i that’s why. Anway, I NEVERRR talked to him in Tagalog.. IDK why. Maybe, I’m just feeling it, to talk in english when both of us can speak Tagalog anyway. He looks quite charming overall, girls should be lining up by now. Thinking of his tweets, I say, he’s emotional when tweeting. AND LIKE I SAID, i can’t judge a flower by its smell! LOL. Fun Fun Fun. Follow this guy! DONT forget to tweet me though!


36. @wafulex – Heart of Manila (PHL) [Stats: 6.3K/356/364/9]

A very handsome man. I just can’t ignore this reality but he is really attractive. Famous in his popular circle on twitter, lex, likes to travel (since he uses 4square/and I don’t) made me a little curious about this guy. Albeit following me back, it’s hard to see what he’s made of. He never tweeted me (I think), so IDK. Gathered a little info from his tweets, he tweets about his work all the time. I believe that’s it =P We should tweet sometime kk!

35. @justinbreathesValenzuela City (PHL) [Stats: 9.1K/479/563/33]

Hosts one of the best blogs I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I love how he writes about music! Different from any other music blogs out there, very exceptional. OPM, Pop, Hiphop, Soul, every genre, you name it! He’s on that game. One of the few qualities I greatly admire from bloggers; I love how they write because they can! LOL NOT! He writes from the heart. Justin really likes music a lot and dedicated a superbly constructed .com website for everyone to see! His passion emanates from the words he type. I admire those qualities. And I can never write in my heart, just yet, there’s something blocking that’s why. But the thing is… we don’t talk! 😛 So, let us tweet sometime shall we? AND OH, mind helping me setting up my WordPress blog? As you can see, its dull and it sucks! LOL 😛


34. @DAVID_GALEA – San Francisco (USA) [Stats: 1K/157/113]

Met him on twitter a while ago. IDK where to start. Hmmmm. By the look of his DP, he sure can be a Sephora face model! I respect and admire this guy. I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for bloggers. LOL. But anyway, yeah, he’s a parent to his pooch, likes to travel A LOT, very deeeeep, etc. ‘B.A., Family & Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Children & Families’ sounds really good to me! Let’s tweet more! Yeah?


33. @Shagamy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (UAE) [Stats: 5.5K/306/200/13]

Father of his 2 angels. This guy is both a writer and an EBBULIENT POET. His poems are just off the chart! I believe he’s still longing for his beau? Anyway, just tweeted him a few days ago and I think he’s a pretty chill, laid-back guy! Bookworm, Economics Major (although he wittedly admitted that he’s not really that good in Math, so how is that even possible? LOL), a Researcher, Consultant, Ghostwriter. This guy even have time to cook, travel, swim, and uh fly? Really? Can also play the piano, balladeer (frustrated, that is). Also, a theist, ohhhhhhhh, but no biggie, I respect others belief anyway. He is a PC-addict: Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia (lol), Twitter, et al. Oh, and he WAS a student leader! Great job! Likes to explore planes and airports, and so on. Blog’s bio helped me through a lot, although, I have no knowledge of him. Think he’s really funny, witty, and tweets me a lot! Wanted to tell this guy to tweet me more! I wanted to know you more that’s why you’re on this list yo!


32. @fiercebladzLa Union (PHL) [Stats: 3K/380/211/10]

He’s a nurse, clinical instructor, Master’s degree challenger, and maybe so much more? Hmmmm.. he has no blog, nor his facebook acct isn’t posted on Twitter. So pretty much wrapping up what I think about him by his tweets alone. Likes to SLEEP a lot, they have a store (I think), and OH! I totally forgot. He’s one of my partners in the #FreshSociety hashtag! That is so funny, how I forget things too easily. Oh well, I think me and you… should you know, tweet more lol.

31. @keanjakezobel – Manila (PHL) [Stats: 3.9K/96/216/15]

Youngin’ and bangin’ — from his DP he sure looks like a Zobel heir. But is he? IDK. Let’s find out! Ouch! There’s nothing to find here! LOL. We both don’t follow each other, oh well. Locked Twitter account — sounds fishy eh? Hahaha. Well, let’s tweet more shall we!?


30. @iambertoink – Makati City (PHL) [Stats: 4.2/240/156/8]

1/8th of the greenest minds #Greenwerx — Dad of everyone on it. Actually, I’m one of those #greenwerx. It sounds like a booger, but trust meee, it’s greener than that. He likes to have his hair look like a korean! It suites perfectly though. Also, is that his baby on his DP? Wow. He’s a realDAD isn’t he? I’m so proud of you dad! Tweet me more puhlease!

29. @JustYosh – Manila (PHL) [Stats: (TBA)/62/41/5]

The link on his username above is his new Twitter. I think his old twitter got hacked, suspended or something along those lines. Hmmm, Kent actually is a funny guy, I love his tweet (from his old twitter account), and so on.. He blogs too! He uses blogspot, uhhh, IDK what else to say? Well, kent, one thing is for sure, TWEET ME MORE!


28. @PrinceJuno – Cavite, Manila, Pampanga (PHL) [Stats: 2.8K/506/330/25]

Loves Twilight sooooo much! He even dedicated a blog post about it. And apparently, he blogs! He’s also a Graphic Designer, Engineer, writer, poet and more. He likes to paint, blog, draw, chatting, surfing the net, compose poems et al. His appetite for blood made him one of my nocturnal tweeters, although, I never asked him any serious questions, only funny stuff. Get close and personal next time Lil vampire! LOL.


27. @arisushen Marikina City (PHL) [Stats: 9K/306/278/20]

An articulate and sad clown most of the time. His blog contains various poems, memoirs and what not. He is a gemini, witty, generous etc. #Greenwerx 1/8th and my brother on that team too! YAY! But we need to talk more =)


26. @imJAY_R – Cebu City (PHL) [Stats: 6.6K/249/285/9]

Again, never-ending members of #GREENWERX lol. Won’t really forget this guy, he’s the most (biga) horny of them all hahahaha! Well, in terms of what he likes.. let us find out. He likes Elmo — from Jobz, I think everyone in #Greenwerx changed their primary DP once with an Elmo on it. Native Cebuano, he looks like a friend of mine; he’s very cool, chillax, cheezin’ kind of guy. Looks too laidback for me too! Not bad! He tweet me everyday, so yeah, but haven’t really talked with him one-on-one. Hmmmmm, tweet me!


25. @YoungAtheist – ? (USA) [Stats: 21K/604/914/146]

From his username, it’s apparent that he’s an atheist. I love Atheism, although, many people will go against that. Belief in God doesn’t really serve a purpose IMHO. But let’s see, I do believe on respect of belief. Anyway, I wanted to know more about this dude, his tweets amazes me ’til now. He bases his atheism argument from Science only, I applaud him from the start. Made me want to research more about Militant Atheism. Actually, Atheism is NOT a RELIGION — its actually quite the opposite of that. And atheism is divided into different sub-groups; Militant Atheism, Scientific Atheism and so on. I give props to this guy, cannot sum up my words into one blog. Okay, anyway, I’m getting carried away. He tweets a lot! See those 21K tweets in so little time. So yeah, let’s tweet more sir!

24. @MikuruHirai – ? (PHL) [Stats: 5.4/259/237/11]

His username reminds me of HunterXHunter, which I’m about to watch now while eating this cat-like food lmao. Okay focus. Hmmmm, he likes Japanese stuff to much! Even his twitter bio contains Kanjis! I love this guy really, but he really doesn’t talk that much to me. IDK why!? lol. Good day to you sir! Let’s tweet more this 2011!

23. @Eironpohl – Pampanga (PHL) [Stats: 11.2K/309/327/26]

The Silver voice of the Pampanga! WOW! haha 😛 I just saw his tweet minutes ago upon searching for something to write for. Hmmm, we we’re talking the other month and now we’re not lol. I guess he got busy with the other folks! Well anyway ron, keep singing and don’t forget to tweet me again!!


22. @RandellAlexis – Silang (PHL) [Stats: 13.7K/954/421/20]

A BB user, Nurse, dancer, alcohol-lover, dreamer, hopeless romantic. < That was a short BIO. Anyway, Randell here likes to party partyyyy! Also, he is interested in Movies, Sports, Music and Entertainment. We never had any one-on-one chat, although, we had our hi and hello moments. Look at that DP, what a nice tongue piercing! I may get one soon! Right now, I have a lip piercing under my chin, so does that makes it a chin piercing? Hmmmm, mindfucked huh? Anway, I’m always here on your TL, so don’t hesitate to tweet once in a while! Let’s talk. I don’t bite!

21. @Doctor_To_Be Manila (PHL) [Stats: 13.2K/940/611/34]

I envy Med Students. Knowing that it is my primary DREAM to be a Physician someday. It irks me to know that, I needed to graduate Nursing to be able to work… then go back to school again, Med School. Can’t wait for that glorious moment to come. Heirich here is a Pharmacist, 2nd Year Med Student, shopaholic and a gadget lover like all of us are. One thing that captured my furthering contemplation was: “Oh, my, he tweets a LOT!” And he’s a doctor for one thing, a med student rather. It shook the stink out of me that going for your dreams doesn’t really require your whole time. You just need to balance your studying time from the leisure. Or else, your 100K med school tuition will be total in jeopardy. Enough of me, again, I salute you. BTW, you need to tweet me more! #demanding 😛 *cheers* doc! P.S. he blogs too! But he only has one blog entry for the moment.


20. @fgwong – Cagayan De Oro (PHL) [Stats: 13.1K/48/444/16]

Okay, this is kinda awkward but whatever LOL. This got kind of weirdddd.. but #20 reminded me of something from San Francisco! He got it; the killer smile, chinky eyes, 5 o’clock shadow. Someone get me a flying ambulance I’m going in! LOL. But yeah, kidding aside, I know he won’t talk to me EVERRRR again after this post Bwahahaha. I’m so lame. Well, anyway, judging from the follow ratio, he won’t be following anyone until someone get a Belo fullgery (full body-facial surgery) — kinda sounded like forgery. IN my defense, I’m just a simple blogger and Twitter citizen who speaks his heart out. HAHA. Okay, nevermind, give me Ze Aircon, IT’S HOT! *drools* Seriously, talk to meeeh. *sexy voice* Here’s my number: 415218**** and my Bank Account# 5345-349-43***** lol.

19. @Ichi_asukai019 – ? (PHL) [Stats: 2K/210/2088]

Okay, I got out of the restroom to calm my nerves after before #19’s turn lol. This kid is so mysterious to me. I think I DM’d him lmao. Well, one of my stalker hours haha. So yeah, I didn’t know he was straight until he told me he was. So it was a very spiraling awkward story. BUT IN MY DEFENSE, I’m just a lonely boy… living in a lonely world lol. But yeah, never conversed with him again. Hmmmmm, his BIO doesn’t tell that much since all describes him synonymously as Mentally Ill or a Talk Shitter, either way, it’s not believable. TALK TO ME. Stop sucking that picture on your DP already.


18. @iamskellig – Davao (PHL) [Stats: 110/231/220/17]

This guy is a perfect example of ‘Man of a few words.’ He doesn’t tweet that much nor converse with me no more. Although we had some shared convo last month or so. He seems very nice and chatty. I remembered he likes to surf! Yeah! Davao — my mom used to live there too. Remembered when I pottied (piss) on the beach, and everyone got mad of me. Gosh, please davaoenos — get a grip on yourselves, I was only 7 at that time! GEEZERS! He is a also a Circuit Rider, just googled it. So yeah, uhhh what else, oh yeah! Those tattoos! What a freakin’ turn-on! Please turn in ze aircon again! *fainted* Anywho, talk to me again buddy, I won’t mock you, this I promise you. *sings*

17. @OMGitsBashaa – Cavite (PHL) [Stats: 7K/432/226/68]

OMGGGitsBashhaaa! She reminded me of the cutest baby girl in ABS-CBN2 (TFC)’s Goin’ Bulilit — a youngster’s comedy show. She has the most plumpest cheeks and her eyes are just chinky! Cute Cute! This cavitenean mentions me (reply-twitter) on random occasions. When I’m eating, taking a shower, grocery shopping, and even taking a douche’ (tae) lol. But I have neglected her eversince, so I wanted to get at her more using the blog. And maybe share the love once in a while. It’s not so hard to reply to a Twitter mention, is it?


16. @iamLuenLuke – *Visayas* (PHL) [Stats: 1.6K/577182/9]

Only said Hi or Hello to him a few times this month. Coming from the Visayas *apparently, he speaks visayan like I do*, he’s a tall boy! *After his puberty now* Usually, they’re kinda tiny and petite. Anyways, haven’t talked with him for over a week now! Talk to meeehhh! Like I said, I give chocolates, not hate! lol 😛

15. @Mizz_cvb – Bay Area (USA) [Stats: 1.9K/691/633/26]

As I was scouring my curated Lists on Twitter, I stumbled upon her. IDK know her, nor remember talking to her. Randomly, I listed her under the Bay Area jewels. Or maybe she knows me? Hmmm… my dementia is acting up lately if I was right lol. Well, anyway, drop me some DM or mention me hun! 😀 We’re just neighbors..*creepy voice* lol. j/k.

14. @AirellJasper – Olongapo City (PHL) [Stats: 18.4K/434/345/20]

I remembered when I was new to the #GYteam (Grave Yard Team/Nocturnals) and he was the one I befriended the first. IDK, there was a slight click, but then yeah IDK what happened. Maybe, I was just a creeper on his Timeline. And he lives in Gapo! Batang Gapo (Child of Gapo), i love that place! One of my *nanay-nanayans* (well, he’s gay) lived there once, and now he’s here with me 😛 We hangout every weekend 😛 Anyway, back to the topic, we need to tweet again! *creeper’s voice* lmao.


13. @DocJay_08 – Batangas (PHL) [Stats: 1.4K/110/110/5]

The doctor is in the house! Hail the doctor! OH YEAH! 😛 Hmmm, okay for once, I sought help from a doctor regarding my questions in Med School. Asking; how much? What are? You know what I’m talking about. Anyway, he is really nice and I think he’s in a relationship with Posh, but I don’t need to put that stuff out there. So, Thank You very much! Hope we tweet more this upcoming 2011, and stay healthy doc!

12. @Azelantonio – Aklan (PHL) [Stats: 5.3K/843/731/12]

Meet John Lloyd Cruz! Yay! I swear to Maury Povich show he looks like John Lloyd Cruz. (famous Philippine actor) If not, prepare to be stabbed by my sister’s lipstick! Bow to him now! LOL. Well, yeah, @iPetim — one of my close friends on twitter actually think so. So, no one can rebut this conclusion! Hmmm, right now, he is studying Office Information Management in Aklan State University and actually doing good! Great job! We had a few hi’s and hello’s too, but never really spoke longer than five minutes. Yeah, if you see this post, make sure, YOU. TALK. TO. ME. xP Nah, it’s your choice =)


11. @Poshpowers – Batangas/Manila (PHL) [Stats: 6.6/2.1k/2.1K/57]

Jm Montales — is a Cancer, Music Enthusiast, RnB Singer, Metro, and so on. He is the one that I was talking about earlier with doctor 😛 Anywho, these lovebirds lusciously FLOOD my TL with LOVE! Yes, you heard that right. They are truly, madly, deeply infatuated on each other. I hope the story ends with a BANG! ❤ A good bang that is. Gives me hope, that I too can find somebody here LOL. Well, I doubt that, but please (intuition, don’t ever pulverize my hopes and thoughts about the POSSIBILITY. =) And yeah, poshy, I love that name, quite suites him. Reminds me of Posh Beckham — former spice girl. Talk to meeeh my loves!

10. @AttyTating – Davao City (PHL) [Stats: 4.7K/234/256/12]

She’s a bisaya too! One thing that fascinates me is she lives in Davao, she’s also a lawyer; public service indeed, a Municipal Admin, Red Cross Director, Ateanean *jaw drops*, painter and an Interior Designer! Little did I know that she’s well-endowed with such rare talents and high positions. *BOW* So, my question follows… how does she juggles all of her work, activity, leisure time with 2 hands? I don’t think I’m capable of handling such exhausting responsibilities. Unless, you know, I have lots of helping hand at my disposal. Furthermore, she is a WOMAN. So, that made it really special 😛 I admire you! Let us talk!


9. @iloveJLin – Daly City (USA) [Stats: 5.4/337/586/17]

UNLMTD SCENES’ GoGo Dancer — my Promotions’ rival actually. Followed her this summer of 2010. She looks very cool being a GoGo promoter though. I admire people who don’t hesitate to tell the word what she does for a sideline work. Also, I forgot to add, she’s a certified fitness trainer, Model, Dancer and a Nutrition Consultant Agent! WOW nice! It’s rare for a woman to be multi-talented as she is, and she looks very daring and bold. Well, hope to tweet with you soon! And hope to see you in one of our parties! 😀

8. @ChrisGundran – San Pedro, Laguna/Alabang (PHL) [Stats: 5.1K/ 483/346/26]

Nurse by profession, Nurse by heart. Even on his tweets you can feel his healing properties. Also, a BB user! Just saw a tweet earlier, he like’s Regine Velasquez (Asia’s Songstress for over 25 Years now!) I love Regine too, hope she’s really happy now. Hmmmm, anyway, chris, I forgot about our conversations, but I think he’s really nice. I believe that he’s just a normally shy person with a good heart. Hope to tweet with you soon dear!

7. @HeyVinci – Mandaluyong (PHL) [Stats: 5.7K/403/352/19]

Vince Carlo is a T-Shirt designer, believer, thinker, the DEVIL, and most of all a LOVER 😛 Awwww. Remembered being able to mention him with friends, he was teasing a good friend of mine about her bangs! LOL Such a funny memory we had. But after that, we stopped talking, so I guess, it’s time to mention me again or whatever! lol 😛

6. @allaboutvaughn – Quezon City (PHL) [Stats: 4.8K/209/115/5]

Last 2 weeks ago, I remembered him ranting about twitter becoming a gay meeting/dating site. lol. It’s just funny because usually most guys here are either metro-sexual or uhhh over the rainbow. He even interjected to unfollow him if someone is offended by his rants. I mean, it’s alright to put your mind online, but don’t step on someone’s toes because it will really hurt 😛 What I did was, I think replied “I think I’ll take this as a compliment” or something — (because he mentioned something with double edge). Yes, it hurted mea little bit, but I’ll be mature about this. And now, I’m writing about you! LOL. Okay, he’s a BB user, compulsive, adventurous and all. As a very friendly guy, I would like to reconnect, is that even correct? HAHA. Well, anything like that. So, tweet meeeeh!


5. @Natebasuil – Davao City (PHL) [Stats: 11.4/449/454/14]

Nathaniel; one of my favorite names lol. IDK why!? Anywho, nate is pretty much floods my TL with mentions of him. I think he’s pretty popular in his circle too. Favorite pastime, I should say is, to take pictures of himself! LOL xP He likes pictures, also, spongebob, drunkard, loves smoking bong, has a pooch, and OHHHH LA LA. He was plumpy just like me in our childhoods! Awwww! We have similarities too! Well I didn’t know that until my nosy-self probed on his Twitpic album 😛 His Twitter BIO says: “I’m your man next door, not of looks but of character. ü” –> That is cool lol. I find that sexier haha. But let’s get to business! Tweet me once in a while too ^___^


4. @EdgeLilang – Paranaque City (PHL) [Stats: 1.6K/224/197/7]

Here’s Edge, he looks like a guy you would see from Banana Split flirting with Angelica Panganiban. But this Paranaquean stud beg to differ, like his BIO says: “Don’t be fooled, because he may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing, slut-faced ho-bag. But in reality, he is so much more than that.” — Dang, that’s a long Bio haha. Hmmm, well for one thing he lives in Paranaque like me, but I live more deeper — in Sucat, Valley-1. Okay, enough from his tweets, I know a lot LMAO. Okay, just kidding. But yeah, hit me up! lol! xP

3. @monsterdeep – Riyadh KSA (UAE) [Stats: 6.8K/362/300/16]

“Before speak, Listen. Before spend, Earn. Before Criticize, wait. Before Pray, forgive. Before quit, try.” — his Tumblr’s headline. (Link’s below; FOLLOW HIM) I’ve seen this quote before, but I’m not sure where.. I love the whole meaning thought, very inspirational. Alright, back to this one, Marc or @monsterdeep (Okay, I think I’ll call him Marc since the latter made me think of something else lol), works in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as you could tell of his location. He seems quite reserved at times, but I think I’ll try to break the Ice on this one. Haha. Hello Marc! *waves-wink*


2. @BrentAmurao – Manila (PHL) [Stats: 20K/192/264/22]

IDK if I’m gonna creep this guy out again but yeah I think I wanna talk to him again. He was actually one of the few friends I had like uhhh 100 Days ago haha. Added me to KIK and everything was history. Hmmmm, but IDK why I unfollowed him, I think for selfish reasons, and now I followed him again. Lame excuse, yeah, but I wanna try to talk to him again. Well, actually to you since you”ll be reading this anyway. Alright, peace out!


1. @Ladyterpsichore – Rome, Italy [Stats: 6.1K/149/138/11]

To whoever know who she really is — shut it! lol. Ms. Angel is a very good friend of mine. She helped me started with Twitter 100 Days ago, and it never felt awesome to be mentioned by her! Again, I wanted to thank her for everything she has done for me, it was all a huge favor. If I haven’t searched for “filipino” on twitter and you didn’t come up, then all of this would not exist at all. So, thank you very much! Have a great life in Italy, with your son 😛

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